General conditions

General conditions

This text applies to any purchase from Diamond House BV Belgium, Diamond House Jewellery Ltd UKDiamond House Jewellery BV Belgium, and all their related websites.  (From here on named DH+)


Payment Methods

Methods of payment accepted include Visa, MasterCard (AMEX at +3%) or bank wire transfer. Wire transfer is required for international purchases.

1% Wire Transfer Discount

Paying by wire transfer eliminates credit card fees and reduces risk of fraud. Your bank should offer this service for a fee that’s typically inconsequential compared to your savings. When you are ready to make a purchase we can email you precise instructions. Wire transfers are required for international purchases. Specials excluded. This offer may not be combined with other discounts.

Security Deposit

When ordering on-line within the EU as a EU citizen, and without having been able to see the item physically when you ordered, you have a 14 day inspection period but before any items are sent out we require the full payment as a security deposit. This protects both our interests. If the sale is not made the credit line will be released upon return of the original and undamaged items.

This is done via bank wire transfer for the full sale price of the stone or the jewellery. Once wire transfer is received by our bank the item will be sent to you for inspection. If you elect to return it within the 14 day return period you will be refunded according to our refund policy. After the 14 day period all sales are final and no longer subject to return or refund.

Custom Defined and Custom Made Treasures Deposit

Because of the unique nature of special orders and designer items, a 50% deposit of the anticipated total is required to begin work on a mounting for your gemstone. The balance is due in full upon completion and prior to shipping of the finished piece. Any cost of changes in design or modifications once a piece is begun will be the client’s responsibility. These costs are non-refundable and will be added to the final cost of the piece.

Pricing Error

Despite our best efforts some items on our website may be mispriced in error. We will not honor typographical or calculation errors. Should an error be discovered as your order is processed we will notify you immediately upon its discovery.

Returns & Refunds

When does the 14-DAY RETURN POLICY apply?

In compliance with EU law (applicable to consumers only), any item that was sold outside one of our offices or on-line, can be returned within 14 days after taking delivery of the order in its original and undamaged condition.

The aforementioned right of withdrawal does not apply to the sale of goods that are not distance contracts or that have been concluded at our office or at our affiliated offices.

When an item does not originate from our on-hand inventory but has been special ordered by us for the client, it will be subject to a 25% restocking fee upon return.

Follow this simple three-step process to return a diamond or jewellery item to one of the addresses of DH+:

Step One:
Use the contact details in the 'Contact Details' section to obtain a Return Code [RC]. Write this code on the return form that accompanied your original invoice and attach this form to the outside of the box you are returning.

Step Two:
Place all the original packaging in the box, including the appraisal and the diamond certificate in it's original and undamaged state. (The diamond certificate carries a € 250 Euro replacement fee.)

Step Three:
Return via the appropriate carrier. To determine the appropriate carrier, look on your invoice. If the price of the item you're returning is listed as less than € 500 Euro, you can ship it via any carrier. Be sure to ship your item fully insured, and request a return receipt to ensure your shipment is tracked.

* If the price of the item you are returning is more than € 500 Euro, ship via registered mail (FedEx and UPS will not insure it), and request a return receipt to ensure your shipment is tracked.*

Once your return is received, our Customer Service Department will review it. You will receive notification regarding your return or exchange within five days.

Any unauthorized, improperly packaged, or non-insured packages will be returned to sender. Items that show signs of wear or have been resized, engraved, altered, or damaged in any way cannot be accepted for return.

Within 30 days of our receiving and inspecting your returned product according to the above guidelines, you can expect a refund in the same form of payment originally used for purchase, or via bank transfer. You will be refunded the shipping cost if the return is a result of a manufacturer error or a shipping error on our part.

If you have any questions about our return procedure, please don't hesitate to contact us..

* DH+ will not be responsible for losses or damage of return shipments.

The present terms and conditions related to this website can be consulted online at

The English text shall be deemed to be the original authentic and valid text and the tenor and meaning of its content shall prevail.

The legal relations between Diamond House BV, Diamond House Jewellery BV,  Diamond House Jewellery Ltd and the principal shall be governed exclusively by Belgian law. The provisions of the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply. In the event of dispute, the courts of Antwerp shall have the exclusive jurisdiction.

  • The location for payment of the indebtedness assumed by the principal shall be at the offices of DH+.
  • Any possible total or partial invalidity or nullity of one or several clauses in the present general terms and conditions shall not affect in any wise the validity of the other clauses or the remaining aspects.
  • Upon default
    • 1. In the absence of payment by the due date of one or several invoices, DH+ shall be entitled in good right and de iure, and without the need for a notice of default, to the payment of an arrears interest at a conventional interest rate of 10% per annum or, should this be higher, of an interest rate as provided in Article 5 of the Belgian Law of 2 August 2002 bearing on the prevention of late payments for commercial transactions, such a charge to go into effect as of the due date of the invoice or the respective due dates of the invoices until the date of full settlement, and further to the payment of a fixed indemnification of 10% on the outstanding amount with a minimum of EUR 40,- per invoice, and this without prejudice to the right of DH+ to claim compensation of court costs (including procedural costs) in the event that a court procedure for collection of the debt needs to be instituted.
    • 2 Any possibly allowed discounts shall become null and void in case of default of payment of one or several invoices by their due date.
    • 3 In the event of default on one or several invoices on their due date, payment of all deferred invoices issued by DH+ to the principal, still outstanding but not yet due, shall become immediately claimable from the latter, and this in good right and de iure, and without the need for a notice of default.
    • 4 In the event the principal was allowed to spread his indebtedness to DH+ over several instalments, the principal shall, in case he fails to acquit himself duly of even one payment, lose the benefit of these instalment payments and the entire indebtedness, increased with the arrears interests at the conventional rate, and the conventional fixed compensation shall become immediately claimable, and this in good right and de iure, and without the need for a notice of default.
    • 5 In the event the principal unilaterally terminates an order and assignment that has been accepted by DH+, the latter shall, barring a case of proven force majeure acting upon the principal, be entitled to either demand the execution of the order or claim an indemnification for an amount equal to 30% of the amount agreed upon as payment for the assignment, without prejudice to the right of DH+ to further claim payment of the integral amount of the order and assignment in compensation of the loss and damage suffered should such loss and damage prove to be higher.

Non-Refundable Items

DH+ does not accept returns on custom or bespoke items.

Jewelry items and gemstones carrying engravings or inscriptions other than trademarks, grading report numbers or materials content are not refundable.

Damaged items, or items that have been worked on by an outside jeweler, are not refundable.

All items reported to us after the 14 day inspect and return period are considered final and no longer refundable.

Return Procedure

Before returning any merchandise for refund or exchange you must obtain a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from us. Regardless of what any shipping clerk at a counter may tell you, FedEx and UPS do NOT insure jewelry.

Call us to receive your RMA number and instructions for return shipping. Insurance on returns is your responsibility; any of these costs implied on DH+ will be deducted from your refund. In accordance, we can arrange for shipping via our FedEx number and insurance.

No refunds will be made until the diamond is received in undamaged condition by us. Loss resulting from noninsured, non-delivered packages will result in no refund. Please protect us both with proper return procedures and proper insurance. For US citizens: For your comfort and ease of use, we strongly recommend that you use your national Postal Service registered insured mail.

Once your purchase reaches us it will be inspected. All jewelry and gemstones are expected to be returned in undamaged, original condition with all accompanying documents in clean, pristine condition and accessories intact. Satisfied of this we will issue your refund less return insurance. If your purchase is found to be damaged and/or items are missing those costs will be deducted from any refund due.

Diamond  & Gemstone (both set as well as loose) Returns

All diamonds and gemstones returned are expected to be in undamaged, original condition with accompanying documents in crisp condition and accessories such as Gem Kit intact. Missing grading reports incur a $250 charge. Missing Gem Kits incur a $50 charge. Diamonds or gemstones found to be damaged are not refundable.

Loose diamonds may be returned within seven days, but only if the diamond was purchased from on-hand inventory and is not mounted or handled by a third party for any reason.  Loose diamonds and gemstones are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Gold & Platinum Jewellery Returns

Any returns for refund on gold and platinum jewelry due to workmanship dissatisfaction must be made within 7 days of sale. There will be a 25% restocking and restoration fee on any merchandise sized or altered. This is to offset expenses incurred for parts and/or labor, as well as restoration and refurbishing required before any possibility of resale, even at clearance pricing. The 25% fee will be deducted from any refund due.

Refunds do not apply to dissatisfaction due to a desire to change designs or make modifications to the original order. These changes will be deducted from any refund.

Damaged items, or items that have been worked on by an outside jeweler, are not refundable for any reason.

Custom Defined and Custom Made Treasure Returns

Custom pieces are non-returnable for full refund. In the case of dissatisfaction any partial refund will be limited to the amount over and above costs of incurred materials and labor, at the discretion of our company. Costs of changes in designs or modifications after a piece was begun are nonrefundable.

Damaged items, or items that have been worked on by an outside jeweler, are not refundable for any reason.

Coloured Stones One Year Exception

Although every attempt is made to learn all we can about a gemstone before its sale, colored stones are subject to “treatment.” When we know of treatment on a gemstone, it will be disclosed with its description. If you find within one year of sale that a colored stone was treated in any way that we were not aware at time of sale and are unhappy with the stone we will refund your purchase price in full upon return of the undamaged stone.

Lifetime return

Only few diamond traders offer this benefit. At any time in the future you may return an undamaged GIA-HRD-IGI certified diamond at 70% of what you originally paid in USD. I hope you never tried to sell your diamond back to the jeweler it came from, but if you did, either he did not buy back the diamond át all, or you were offered around 25 cents to the dollar. Our return policy demonstrates how we see the enduring value of our diamonds. It is unmatched, period.

Unrestricted lifetime upgrades for GIA certified diamonds.

Usually, upgrade programs have restrictions or expirations. Ours is simple. We will credit 100% of your GIA certified diamond at its original USD purchase price, less applicable tax and discounts, (and of course ex the price of the piece of jewellery it was set in) toward a more expensive GIA certified Diamond (minimum + 80% in spending compared to the initial purchase in USD). And even though you may not be planning on an upgrade, we experience some of our clients see their buying power increase along the years. Then this policy becomes the perfect way to celebrate for example a 5 or 10 year anniversary.