Get to Know Our Diamond Experts



Years Of Experience

Twenty years ago, we opened our UK office and started challenging high-end diamond prices by strictly controlling our marketing and overhead costs.

From our offices in London, Dublin and Antwerp, we are succeeding in challenging the old markets. Our costs are controlled for we operate from grade-A office space and not grade-A retail space.

Because location is not enough, we have convinced the youngest Master Goldsmith in the industry to join us in our mission to produce the finest - and most competitive - jewellery in Antwerp, Dublin and Greater London. This London office is run by Céline Gouwy, our in-house Gemologist who always takes her time to discuss and reveal each 'facet' of the business and of the industry as such.

My name is Rob van Beurden, and I have been a diamond dealer for my entire professional life.

After forty years of experience, I have mastered a dynamic industry that unfortunately sometimes excels in its lack of transparency. I believe that this very lack of transparency sometimes is the very basis of a general (over-)pricing policy. So please ask me any question that will make my industry easier to understand.

500 years ago!

Antwerp has been known as the diamond capital of the world for several centuries, a title which hasn’t been easily earned. The diamond trade in the port started nearly 500 years ago when the first rough stones were brought over from India. 

'The King of Colour' and 'The Queen of Clarity'

These are the nicknames Céline & Rob go by in this industry. Each having its own talent to judge a diamond on its quality, you may say they're quite a team!