Of the more than 250 goldsmiths in Antwerp, only four have earned the title of Master Goldsmith. These are the only four goldsmiths in Antwerp that we will work with. The quality of the goldsmith working on your project is critical to its success, since the actual metal that makes jewellery can be poorly constructed and show flaws. I encourage you to take a look at your own jewellery and see the rough edges, bubbles, and uneven places.

With our jewellery, you won't have those issues. Our initial conversations with you will help us understand the scope of project, including your budget and what you have in mind for design and diamond specifications. After that, we will send you some images from our large database to use as references that guide you through the design process. When there is even a spec of doubt about the design, we will send you a life-like 3D image of your project.

Does the Goldsmith's craftsmanship come at a price? Yes it comes at a price. Your project in our shop will cost a couple hundred dollars more when comparing with f.e. Amsterdam or Hatton Garden. Also, your order will take two to four weeks to produce because there are only so many hands that we trust to make your piece. I believe that this modest amount is not the end of the world, considering what your end product will be.

From the design you always had in mind to your dream ring

Unless you have taken a crush on one of our existing designs, there are three easy steps to make your dream come true

  1. Explain us the design, and what diamond or precious stone your preference goes out to.
  2. We will send you an image and an estimated price.
  3. Upon mutual agreement on the price and on each and every detail of the jewel, can we send you a 3D-video to bring the design to life.

Regardless your preferred specifications of the diamond, if it doesn't 'sing' to us, we will not recommend it and suggest a better diamond. Whitin the same given parameters, of course.



For your custom design