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Here is a small selection of comments from satisfied clients. Names and contact numbers available upon request.

Victoria and David

Rob, Dear Rob, Thank you so much for your help with the ring - we are really, really thrilled with it.  We went out to dinner last night at Zuma and it was sparkling like crazy under the lights, throwing off so much fire (you should tell all your customers to go for dinner there on the night they pick up the ring!).  A friend of a friend who was at the dinner, who works at De Beers, was absolutely speechless at how amazing it looked which is also a good sign!  Thank you again for your help  Victoria and David


I had decided to propose to my girlfriend and went about looking for a diamond ring. I knew approximately what I was looking for as she had helped a friend pick out a ring a few months ago and so I knew the type of rings that she liked. After some research I thought I would contact Dr. Indira Marchant, who apparently is now no longer in the business. My email was picked up by Celine at Diamond House and she contacted me to try and set up a meeting and understand my exact requirements. I had reached out to Celine in mid- December and met her and Rob in Antwerp as I was in Brussels for business. There she showed me 8-9 excellent stones and I picked a triple excellent H&A diamond. She was then able to ask her brother, Loic, who works in the same building to set the diamond in a delicate setting all within a week which I was able to pick up from here in London. So I had a finished diamond engagement ring from picking the stone to the finished product all within a week or so even during the busy Christmas time. Both the turnaround speed and the quality of the stone and the workmanship on the ring were excellent and the price was also quite good. My girlfriend (now fiancée) loved the ring. Celine also reached out to me after the ring was delivered to give specific care instructions for the ring. I will definitely reach out to them again when I need to buy any other diamonds.  


Rob, Rob We just received the package and my wife is beside herself!  You have totally outdone yourself again and I so appreciate your dedication.  They are beautiful and turned out exactly as we had hoped.  I love the fact that you can turn my wishes into reality.  Amie sends her complete thanks and blows a firm kiss across the ocean in appreciation.    I will take a family picture (with the new accoutrements) and send it along so you can see how well they complement my wife.  Thank you again – you are a dear friend.   Gratefully,

Carys & Baz

My fiancé proposed to me in July 2013 with a family diamond (set in a rather old and masculine setting). Having had a glowing recommendation from a friend (who had had an engagement ring, wedding bands and other jewellery for his wife made since they married) to visit Diamond House, we made an appointment with Celine to talk about getting the ring re-set. As soon as we met Celine, it was like meeting a friend. She was very knowledgeable and professional, but most of all, extremely personable. She took a genuine interest in what we wanted and helped to shape my ideas into what was to become the most beautiful engagement ring I have ever seen. The workmanship is exquisite - it honestly knocks spots off all of the other rings I have seen. You can see the care taken and the attention to detail - nothing else comes close. When it came to ordering our wedding bands, we knew we would be returning to Celine and Rob. Again they didn't disappoint, and our rings are stunning. I got a diamond band which matches and fits with my engagement ring beautifully. Celine even allowed us to inscribe messages on each other’s bands which some may think is cheesy but actually has turned out lovely. We are over the moon with them. I know that we will be back to get more items made with Celine. Her manner is lovely - we enjoy chatting to her about our ideas and seeing them come to life. The craftsmanship is honestly second to none if you compare with any of the high-end jewellers, and the service is impeccable. The rings were ready in good time, and Celine has offered to resize if we need to do that in the weeks leading up to or after the wedding. She will also call us back in every year to check on the rings and ensure all is in order - where else would you get that kind of service! I know we wouldn't spend our money anywhere else. Thank you Celine and Rob for making us very happy - see you after the wedding!! Carys and Baz  


Having decided to propose to my girlfriend at Christmas I started hunting around for a bespoke diamond engagement ring last summer. Despite meeting a number of dealers based in London I struggled to find anything in my budget that matched my criteria. A friend then suggested Antwerp and after a quick online search it was clear Diamond House came highly recommended and no wonders. Rob and his team were amazing from the word go, offering honest, helpful advice that I could understand! We set a meeting for early November at their Antwerp office (they have one in London!) and on arriving I was able to view no less than five stones for my budget, two of which were so perfect I took half an hour to decide which I wanted! As Rob says, ''look for the diamond that sings to you''. Having found the diamond, Celine called down their goldsmith and I was able to design the setting and band on the spot. With only three weeks before the proposal, Celine assured me it would be ready and could be collected from their London office, which it was and it looked amazing! I could honestly not recommend them highly enough and will definitely be in touch for my wedding bands! Big thanks to all at Diamond House; your wedding invite is in the post! Michael, London.

Vincent & Michelle

Celine at Diamond House Jewellery, thank you for your professionalism and top quality service. The first time we visited Antwerp the attitude was about instant cash versus taking time to truly listen and understand our needs. Feeling more confused about who we could trust we decided to take our time to find the professionalism that is expected when spending a favourable price on a lifetime investment. Celine's correspondence was timely, detail oriented and customer centered. Meeting her in person made the connection even more fulfilling when she took the time to explain her experience and the options we needed to consider when making our final decision. We are happy to recommend her if you are looking for that special gem and a service that extends beyond the final transaction for guaranteed satisfaction. Best, Vincent and Michelle


After two months of research, finding the perfect ring for my girlfriend was proving more challenging than I’d hoped. I was well aware and prepared to spend as much as I could afford to get the ring I knew would make her happy, so I got increasingly concerned when I just could not find ‘The one'. You see, my lovely girlfriend (now fiancée) knew she wanted a princess-cut ring, but then she sort of loved how soft the oval-cut was as well, so I was determined to give her the ring of her dreams that she didn’t even know she wanted. Hence my dilemma - How could I incorporate the softness of the edges of the radiant-cut into a princess-cut ring and stretch it to the length of the emerald cut, without losing any of the 'sparkle' . At this point, I was well versed in ring-lingo and I really didn’t want to settle for less. And just as I started to lose hope and thinking of settling, there was Celine at Diamond House. A friend of mine recommended her after discussing my issues, and meeting her was so simple. A planned 30 mins consultation went on for over an hour and everything changed. Celine was so professional, worked with my budget and at the same time cared so much about making sure I was extremely satisfied. I should add that I live in Africa, and had the consultation in Diamond House, London whilst planning to propose in Houston, Texas so I was a bit worried about getting my truly international proposal to come together perfectly - Diamond House handled it seamlessly. As i was so far away, Celine was very responsive with e-mails, sending pictures / videos etc to ensure I was getting EXACTLY what I wanted. I also mentioned in passing that I considered inscribing on the ring and Celine brought that into reality as well. In every way, working with Diamond House was like a dream come true in my journey to find the perfect ring. My fiancée LOVES her ring and it looks great on her. She particularly loves that she can’t find the exact type of her ring anywhere.  I would definitely recommend Celine at Diamond House to everyone out there who's trying to do something extra special for that special person in their lives. Best decision I ever made.  


My husband found Designs by Indigo during the course of hunting for an engagement ring. It has been a joy from the moment we met firstly Indira Marchant, then more recently, Celine Gouwy. My husband was extremely pleased with the service he received during the whole process from making an initial enquiry about a diamond, to collecting a ring. Indira worked very closely with him to understand exactly what he wanted from the diamond and the ring, and came up with lots of helpful suggestions. I need not comment on the quality of the diamond and the finished ring - top class. After the proposal since I became aware of Best Diamonds I have been astonished at the high level of ongoing service and aftercare. I take my ring back to Celine for cleaning and servicing every 8-12 months, and I am hugely reassured by this, knowing that an expert is checking it regularly. I can also take it in for cleaning before any special event. My husband has kindly bought me a second ring in the last year - there was no discussion on where it would come from. Celine's predecessor, Indira, had been wonderfully proactive in looking for something that would fit next to my wedding and engagement rings (and pre-emptively measuring up my fingers!), but looked in the way I wanted it to look, which was quite specific, and I ended up choosing one that she had suggested before her retirement. Celine and I were in close communication to make sure my husband asked Celine to make the right one! Every time I visit the office I feel less like a client and more like an old friend who has come to talk about a shared passion with Celine. She is friendly, concerned that the finished product is to our liking, and very knowledgeable. She replies to emails promptly and will try to be as flexible as possible with when she is available in London for me to drop off or collect my rings. There is no feeling of going for an appointment that has to be in a certain time slot - I stay as long as we have things to talk about. Her professionalism was personified by a situation where I was going to collect my engagement ring after it had been cleaned and my husband had been in (unbeknownst to me) to collect the new surprise ring a week before, and she didn't give a thing away, even though she knew I was shortly to be given the new ring for a birthday present. I couldn't even perceive buying diamonds from anywhere else now - I couldn't be happier with my two rings and the service we have received. Something which always makes me smile (aside from looking at my beautiful rings) is the caution given to me by Indira during one visit when I hadn't kept my ring very clean beforehand - "Elizabeth, with that diamond comes great responsibility". This is how seriously high quality diamonds and craftsmanship are taken by Best Diamonds!


I recently got engaged to my long-term girlfriend, and wanted to recommend the person who helped me with the ring - Celine, at Diamond House (www.bestdiamonds.co.uk & www.designsbyindigo.co.uk). Diamond House was recommended to me by friend for whom they had made an engagement ring. I met with Celine and she was great at advising me on what I could do with my budget and what was worth spending money on and what wasn't. I had very clear ideas of what I wanted the ring to look like and, after we discussed the design, she worked with the design team at Diamond House to design a ring that was absolutely what I was looking for. Throughout the whole process Celine was great to work with - very responsive to emails, able to make time to meet when necessary, and always a great pleasure to interact with. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a great ring.  


Just a quick mail to thank you for an excellent service & end product. My fiancée loved the ring as has everyone else, it was definitely the right choice of style. Please also pass on my thanks to Rob and should I be in the market for any future diamond purchases I will certainly be in contact again.