All That Sparkles: The History of Diamonds

All That Sparkles: The History of Diamonds

The diamond is a symbol of love, beauty, purity and commitment. Aesthetically beautiful and sometimes flawless, the stone lends its meaning and splendour to some of the greatest love stories of all time, and facets of magnificence in real life.

But what led to the diamond becoming one of the biggest components of history?

The Love of Diamonds

Diamonds have long served as objects of desire. First said to be found in the Golconda River of India, these diamonds were considered to be trading commodities at the time, according to an accounting book in Sanskrit from 4th Century B.C.

Diamonds for Elites

Utilised by the wealthy classes of India, these stones were mostly made popular by their use as pendants in amulets. They were considered to be symbols of virility and courage due to their exceptional strength and other qualities – qualities mostly related with the men of the society.

Diamonds were also used as cutting tools, as talismans to ward off effects of evil eye, and were even used as medical aid for wounds and illnesses.

India supplied the world with diamonds until the 18th century. When the diamonds mines were used up, quests began to find more alternative sources. During this time, a deposit in Brazil was discovered but it did not yield as many diamonds to meet consumer demands.

The Great Diamond Rush

It was in 1866 that a diamond was discovered by a 15-year-old boy named Erasmus Jacobs.

His find led to the arrival of thousands of diamond traders, which gave rise to the opening of Kimberly Mine, the first ever large-scale operation for mining diamonds.

However, with so many diamonds suddenly flooding the gemstone market, the stone lost its factor of rarity. So the elite did not consider it a find anymore. Instead, they replaced with other gemstones such as Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires and pearls etc.

To control the supply of diamonds, Englishman Cecil John Rhodes in 1880 formed the De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd. After being successful in his efforts, the diamond started gaining its popularity amongst the masses.

Connecting Diamonds with Love

While the history of presenting a ring as a sign of commitment goes back to ancient times, presenting a diamond ring as a sign of love for your betrothed actually goes back to 1947, during which De Beers began their marketing campaign for advertising diamonds.

Their slogan “A Diamond is Forever” suggested that a diamond is the only choice for wedding and engagement rings. This led to a widely successful campaign that contributed to the popularity of diamonds in modern times.

With this surge, diamond retailers and trading companies began educating consumers on high-end and the ideal cut for diamonds so they could buy the best for their money.

The Perfection of Diamonds

The diamond’s exquisite perfection and grandeur has been loved for centuries. But only the best diamonds deserve such appreciation.

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