Engagement Ring Shopping - Where do I start?

Engagement Ring Shopping - Where do I start?

When it comes to getting down on the old knee, there is no shortage of important details to consider.

With 20 years (for Céline) and 40 years (for Rob) experience in this field, we believe we can be your perfect partners to guide you during this process.

First of all, there are three types of shopping for the perfect engagement ring.

1) The Old School Way

If you decide to opt for the old fashion way, you need to be prepared to start hunting on your own from A to Z. This decision depends on your understanding of your partner’s preferences, the importance of the surprise element to both of you, and your confidence in selecting a ring that she will cherish. Let’s go together through the pros & cons of the Old School Way.


  • Romantic gesture: It adds a romantic and sentimental touch to the proposal.
  • Symbolic effort: Choosing the ring on your own symbolizes your effort and commitment to the relationship.
  • Element of surprise: The surprise factor enhances the excitement and emotional impact of the proposal.
  • Personalized selection: Allows you to select a ring that you believe reflects her style and taste.
  • Financial safety! You will be in charge of the budget and will decide how much you want to spend for this purchase.



  • Mismatched preferences: There is a risk that the chosen ring might not align perfectly with her preferences.
  • Size & style uncertainty: Challenges in accurately determining her ring size and preferred style.
  • Potential discomfort: She might feel uncomfortable if the ring isn’t to her liking, leading to potential returns or exchanges. (which is not always possible)
  • Missed customization: The opportunity to include specific personal touches might be missed.

Communication and knowing her style can help mitigate potential downsides.

If you need help, it might be a thoughtful and strategic approach to ask her mother, sister or best friend about her preferences. This way you will be able to gather information without directly involving your fiancée, preserving the surprise element.

Involving family members can also create a sense of inclusion and connection in the engagement process. So if you still need to score with your in laws, now it’s the time! 

However, make sure that the person you consult can keep the secret. Cause many girls can’t!

2) The Semi-Old School Way

The Semi-Old-fashioned way of shopping for an engagement ring means that you will be picking the diamond yourself and will have her involved in the design of the ring. Two options are possible. We could either have the diamond you will select set in a “temporary ring” of our stock, which will most probably be a classic plain solitaire. Or we can have the diamond displayed in a beautiful & luxury diamond box.

Many of our City Boys in London choose this option. And very smart they are! Let us explain you why by going through the pros and cons.


  • Financial safety(!): You will still be in charge of how much you want to spend on this purchase unless she has a crazy design in mind that involves the purchase of many more diamonds to be set around!

The biggest investment when it comes to an engagement ring, is the central stone. By choosing it yourself, you will be able to set the limits.

  • Surprise element: You will preserve the surprise factor making the proposal romantic and memorable.
  • Symbol of personal effort: choosing the diamond on your own can symbolize your personal effort and commitment to the relationship.
  • Romantic gesture: It adds a romantic touch to the proposal, showcasing your thoughtfulness in selection a meaningful diamond.
  • Design of her dreams: She will be able to design herself the ring of her dreams and include personal touches.



  • Risk of Mismatch: There is a chance the chosen diamond may not align perfectly with her preference. Maybe she wanted another diamond shape? You may miss out on valuable insights or specific desires she has for the diamond.

Balancing her involvement while maintaining an element of surprise is an ideal way to propose. You may want to consider discussing the level of involvement she would prefer to ensure the proposal is meaningful to both of you.

3) The Irish Way

The modern way is something we see more and more, especially in our Dublin office. Our Irish girls like being in control! Most of the time, they will come on their own or with their mother, sister of best friend.

They will prepare the job for their significant other by making a short list of what they like, what they don’t want and what would make them very happy if the budget allows it.

While letting your fiancée choose her engagement ring offers practical benefits, it can impact the traditional romantic narrative associated with surprising someone with a ring.

You may therefore consider proposing with a “dummy” ring to keep the magic before sending her to us with her mom or her best friend. 


  • Preserve surprise: Maintains the surprise factor during the proposal
  • Symbolic gesture: Allows for the symbolic act of proposing with a ring, even if it’s not the final one.
  • Planning flexibility: Provides flexibility in planning the actual ring shopping and customization afterward.



  • Budget explosion(!): Be prepared that the initial budget you had in mind may double! Lol!
  • Possible disappointment: Your fiancée might be disappointed if she realizes you haven’t put a lot effort in the hunt of the perfect ring for her.

Proposing with a "dummy" ring can be a creative approach, but clear communication is crucial to ensure both partners are on the same page about the process and expectations for the final ring.