How Diamond House Jewellery Works

Diamond House Jewellery is a direct supplier of the finest quality certified diamonds and luxury diamond jewellery from source in Antwerp at practically wholesale diamond prices. 

8 out of 10 diamonds sold worldwide originate from Antwerp.

We have a diamond trade office in London and Dublin where we meet clients by appointment only. Our main diamond shop and showroom are in the diamond district of Antwerp where we have membership of the oldest and most prestigious Bourse in the world, Diamond Bourse.

We buy directly from diamond cutters in Antwerp and hand-make to order so that we are able to offer

  • higher quality diamonds (including Excellent cut and ideal cut diamonds) that meet your Cut, Carat, Colour and Clarity criteria
  • fancy coloured diamonds, rare and exclusive diamonds.
  • individual handmade designs tailored to suit your particular tastes
  • competitive prices for high-value diamonds, typically saving up to 50% when compared to many branded designer jewellery shops
  • the biggest selection of diamonds from the largest diamond market place
  • the advantage of Antwerp diamond quality and pricing from the convenience of a London and Dublin location
  • the best cut-quality, premier cut diamonds directly from Antwerp combined with individual, tailored designs


Worldwide accepted diamond grading reports

All our diamonds (from 0.35 carat upwards) are accompanied by a worldwide accepted diamond grading report (e.g. HRDGIA, or IGI) and are hand-picked to select only well-cut diamonds as it's the diamond's Cut proportions & symmetry that determines how well a diamond will sparkle.

Our clients seek high-end yet affordable jewellery.

We're here for anyone looking for quality and style that prestigious designer shops offer, but with twice the diamond-size or around half the price combined with personalised service, and where each piece is individually tailored.

We are known to offer more independent guarantees for diamonds than many prestigious designer shops. See what our clients say about us on our “Testimonials” page.

You can meet with us in London, Dublin or Antwerp to view and select from loose diamonds.

We have an in-house team of designers, platinum-smiths and goldsmiths 

So we can design and create any style of jewellery you like or supply just the loose diamond, as you prefer. Bespoke design is our standard and incurs no extra cost as we provide the jewellery-making almost at cost as an added-value service to our diamond clients.

Clients speak of us as a 'one-stop-shop', whether to string their old pearls, repair a watch, verify and value their old jewellery, write documents for insurance purposes or resize and polish existing jewellery.

We create new jewellery from their old and outmoded ones, but also buy whatever items they prefer to sell or no longer wear anymore.