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If you have always dreamed of having a piece of jewellery created júst for her.... We can help you make that dream come true! As we have an in-house team of designers, platinum- and goldsmiths, we can design and create any style of jewellery that you like.

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Ready made Jewellery Collection

As we all know, men often make last minute decisions! For that reason have we decided to offer our clients a range of timeless jewellery including the classic solitaire rings, various pendants, studs and bracelets, and also 'halo' designs that are ready to wear. Choose your setting, select your diamond -guided by us-, and let the magic happen!

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Diamond House Jewellery

Diamond House Jewellery is a direct supplier of the finest quality certified diamonds and luxury diamond jewellery from source in Antwerp at wholesale diamond prices.

Diamond House Jewellery is the oldest on-line diamond provider since the beginning of the internet. Based in London and Antwerp, it exports the Antwerp reputation and prices by offering a fine selection of jewellery. 

We have a diamond trade office in London where we meet clients by appointment only. Our main diamond office and retail shop are in the diamond district of Antwerp where we have membership of the Diamond Bourse. 


Of the more than 250 goldsmiths in Antwerp, only four have earned the title of Master Goldsmith. These are the only four goldsmiths in Antwerp that we will work with. The quality of the goldsmith working on your project is critical to its success, since the actual metal that makes jewellery can be poorly constructed and show flaws.
With our jewellery, you won't have those issues. Our initial conversations with you will help us understand the scope of project, including your budget and what you have in mind for design and diamond specifications. After that, we will send you some images from our large database to use as references that will guide you through the design process. When there is even a spec of doubt about the design, we will send you a life-like 3D image of your project.


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Client Manager for London office
Céline Gouwy


Antwerp shop

Open from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm

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London office

By appointment only

The Royal Exchange
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