Can I Wear My Engagement Ring all the Time?

Can I Wear My Engagement Ring all the Time?

You’re engaged, love is in the air, and life just couldn’t be better. If you’re anything like us, you may probably not want to take they ring off at all! However, if you want to  make sure that your pretty diamond stays shiny for a long time to come, and in a good condition so that you can pass it down your generation, you need to be careful, and not wear it at all times.  

While it may be tempting to show off the gorgeous stone to your gym-mates or while at the pool, you need to resist the urge if you want to keep that ring for a lifetime. Here, we’re going to share a list of don’ts that you need to avoid like the plague. Print it out, stick it on the fridge—just make sure you don’t wear your engagement ring when you’re:

1. Swimming

Swimming, or any other water sports, to the list of our definitely-no activities to engage in while wearing your engagement ring. The water acts as a lubricant, reducing the friction that keeps your ring in place on your finger, and before you know it, it may slip off and be lost in the watery abyss, never to be found again. (Cold) Water can also cause your fingers to shrink a full ring-size, making it easier to slip off your hand.

2. At the Gym

It’s great that you love to stay in a healthy shape and go to the gym regularly. However, the gym is no place for something as precious and delicate as your engagement ring.

What’s the worst that could happen?

The prongs could bend and break, and your diamond might chip or get dislodged from its setting. And getting this repaired would cost you a lot of money, too.

3. Doing Chores

If you’re cleaning around the house with your engagement ring on, you expose the ring to two possible dangers: banging it on a rough edge or ruining it with harsh chemicals. You may not even notice your ring snagging on something, or getting scratched, but you will notice it when it is too late. Similarly, the harsh chemicals in household cleaning products work as silent killers to the beauty of your ring. Your band might get discolored and become eroded.

4. Gardening

Did you hear about the lady who lost her ring in her garden? She was gardening when she lost it, in 2004. And although she did get it back when one of her carrots grew through it, it was after 13 years. So unless you are willing to spend more than a decade without your engagement ring, not to mention live with the fact that you lost it, it’s better to just keep it in a safe place when you get gardening.

5. Pampering Your Skin

Moisturizers and lotions are good for your skin—absolutely not for your ring. The buildup from the skincare products may dull the diamond over time, so it is best to remove it before you get engaged in your daily ritual of skin pampering.