Crafted by Infinity Diamonds

As a selected Infinity diamond dealer, representing Infinity in two countries; Belgium and England, we guarantee you the best price, service and availability on Crafted by Infinity Diamonds.

Crafted by Infinity

Infinity Diamonds was founded in Antwerp, the world capital of fine diamonds, by one man dedicated to one vision of cut perfection; Paul Slegers.

Infinity crafts only 1000 diamonds per year. It is a true diamond cutting boutique, virtually unheard-of in today’s mass-manufacture world. The goal is precisely the same for every Infinity diamond; identical cutting to achieve the highest possible light performance. (The Sparkle!)

Infinity crafts two shapes: Superideal Hearts & Arrows rounds and the world’s first Superideal Princess.

Every Infinity is high inside the top 1% of all diamond cut quality. Every Infinity has the AGS Ideal light performance grade from the American Gem Society (AGS). Every Infinity earns top marks in the most modern cut performance grading systems and goes much farther in terms of micro-cutting precision. No other cutter boasts as much strict and abundant proof of high performance as Infinity. No wonder we love these diamonds!

What do we judge as the brand’s best feature? Flawless Cut. Rarer than D colour. Rarer than FL clarity. Geometrically identical, every Infinity is a blazing performance-twin to the next and the next. Want a 1.50ct round? Select from what's available with no hesitation…it will have the same dazzling performance as that unbelievable 1.00ct Infinity firecracker you saw…or the 0.75ct…or the 2.00ct. Compare your Infinity to any Hearts On Fire, Tiffany or Cartier diamond. These companies sell for 40-50% more, with nowhere near the micro-cutting precision. Our clients make these comparisons all the time and constantly tell us how Infinity matches but mostly exceeds every other diamond.

For the Infinity Princess there is no comparison. Paul Slegers’ proprietary design and precision in this shape has resulted in the world’s first Superideal princess cut. Infinity is the only company we know proud enough to show optical symmetry photos for this shape. It’s no wonder their clients include diamond collectors, appraisers and researchers from the world’s strictest grading laboratories.

Do you have preconceptions about grades lower than G or VS2? Throw those preconceptions away. Diamonds cut like this are rare enough that most people have never even seen one. Infinity diamonds actually improve in the other Cs due to their flawless cut: They appear larger for their carat weight, face up more colourless and the clarity characteristics can be less visible. They also have dazzling whiteness and dancing rainbow colours, even away from the jewellery store where most diamonds go dark. It’s why we offer a liberal return and inspection period with confidence. Simply put, once you see an Infinity you will not want to let it out of your sight!

Crafted by Infinity diamonds are planned and fashioned with the future in mind. They receive the highest performance marks in all systems, exceeding known metrics, and have done so since 2001, when Paul Slegers began crafting with his singular vision.

Some of the world’s top optical scientists, appraisers and laboratory facilitators choose to wear Infinity Diamonds themselves, or for their loved ones, acknowledging that Infinity's standards outpace all current metrics and more robust future systems, currently in-research.

You are welcome to make an appointment to inspect the Crafted by Infinity diamonds under multiple lighting conditions, including our diamond light, hearts and arrows viewers and our loupes (magnifiers). We share all information with you about our diamonds, including our analysis of each diamonds light performance.


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