When it comes to diamonds, size does matter. And when you’re off hunting for the perfect diamond with the perfect setting, more often than not, you will be hindered by the lasso of your budget from buying the biggest diamond for your loved one.

As it turns out, there are ways around this dilemma. How about creating the illusion of a bigger diamond without having to spend your life savings? Sounds good? Let’s teach you how.

1. Choose a Bezel Setting in White Gold or Platinum

The bezel setting ‘frames’ your diamond on all sides. And with white gold or platinum, the ‘frame’ creates the illusion of a diamond that is bigger in size. It is the mark of a skilled craftsman to make your diamond look slightly larger when set in this setting, so make sure you invest in the right one.

Choosing a bezel style will also ensure that the diamond does not get dislodged or chipped. Not to mention that this will be cheaper than a halo/micropavé set, which, although it successfully makes the diamond look bigger, it is also more expensive due to the meticulous workmanship involved.

2. Go Fancy! Choose Other Shapes

Yes, yes, round diamonds are all the rage these days. But don’t forget the other shapes on your pursuit of buying the perfect jewelry!  

In the same carat weight, a round diamond would look significantly smaller than, say, a marquise diamond (though it will exhibit more brilliance). This is because the cut is spread in the fancy diamond and more of the gem is visible from the top.

And marquise is not the only choice you have. You can choose an oval or pear diamond if you don’t want to veer off too much from the round shape, or choose an emerald for a more glamorous look.

3. In Stark Contrast—Thinner Shanks/Chain for a Smaller Diamond

You can thank relativity for this tip. Large items can seem smaller if the surrounding items are bigger in contrast. Similarly, smaller items can look bigger if the surroundings include items that are either smaller or thinner.

The same is applied to a small diamond that is to be set in a ring or pendant.

If you are setting the diamond in a ring, then the best practice to make it seem larger is to have thinner shanks. The contrast would make the diamond look larger, no matter what setting you choose.

If you are customizing a pendant, then the smaller diamond would look well with a short, fine chain (longer chains are usually better for larger diamonds). Not only will the diamond look bigger in contrast, the pendant would give off a delicate, meticulously-constructed look.

Note: This technique may not be useful for diamond studs or bracelets, because they do not incorporate accessories that may be in contrast with the diamond.

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