If you’re customizing jewelry and have already chosen your preferred style of diamond, it is time you make it to the next level—choosing a setting. While there are many setting to choose from, this post will guide you all about bezel setting—the pros and cons, the various types, and the best time to choose this setting.  

What is a Bezel a Setting?

In a bezel setting, the diamond is enclosed around a strip of metal. The metal acts as a collar that wraps around the rim of the stone, preventing it from being dislodged. This setting is the most secure in terms of protecting the diamond from blows, or any other accidental rubs or scratches.

Pros and Cons of Bezel Setting

The good:

  • This setting is best at protecting the stone.
  • It looks stunning when done right.
  • The metal frame gives a fuller appearance to the stone.

The bad:

  • A part of the stone may be hidden behind the metal strip.
  • This setting is more expensive as it utilizes a higher amount of precious metal than other settings.

Types of Bezel Settings

There are two types of bezel settings, namely full bezel and half/partial/semi bezel settings. We’ll discuss both here.

Full Bezel

Full bezel setting is the traditional setting which covers the diamond from all sides. This setting provides maximum protection to the stone.

Half Bezel

As the name implies, this setting incorporates only a portion of the diamond edges covered with the metal. The advantage of choosing this style is that it doesn’t hide as much of the stone than it would in a full bezel, and the diamond can be cleaned more easily in this setting.

When to Choose a Bezel Setting?

Based on Usage

The setting should be chosen depending on the usage of the jewelry item. If you’re customizing a diamond pendant, ring, earrings or bracelet which will be used by the wearer on a regular basis, then you need to use the bezel setting. They are great for people who are active or have a job where they require using their hands or where there may be a risk of scratches or the diamond being hit and dislodged.

Hiding Defects

If your diamond has visible inclusions or chips on the edges (maybe your grandmother handed you down the loose stone), you can hide these and still ensure that your diamond looks great set in the jewelry by using the bezel setting.

If You Like the Classic Look

The bezel style dates back to historic times. If you, or your loved one for whom you’re buying the jewelry, have a soft spot for all things traditional, then the bezel style may be the right choice. You have the option to choose between the full bezel and partial bezel styles, and your jeweler will guide you on the best options in either case.

If you wish to learn more about the bezel settings, or its comparison with other settings, please feel free to reach out to us. Our experts will be happy to answer your queries.