The sparkles of that red ruby, the lustrous sheen of amethyst quartz and the alluring mysticism of a sapphire – while all are absolutely breath-taking in their own light, none can hold a torch to the infinite beauty and perfection of the diamond.

And when it’s a diamond that reflects the hues of the rainbow, that stone becomes even more valuable.

The Fashionable Beauty of Coloured Diamonds

Over the past decades, coloured diamonds have become all the more popular.

From deep blues and luscious reds to gorgeous greens and sunny yellows and chocolate browns, these coloured diamonds have taken over, mainly due to their association with aesthetic.

Historically speaking; royalty, celebrities and aristocrats wore these unique gemstones to symbolise their wealth. These diamonds became popular through the nobility in India who would wear these stones to show their rankings amongst the caste system.

Yet, with times changing and diamonds becoming more accessible to the general public, we saw a turn in the popularity of coloured diamonds. The 1980s brought forth a new era for jewellery aficionados, with buyers seeking champagne diamonds and brown diamonds for less expensive prices. Though, colourless diamonds were still more popular then. It was only due to diamond traders and the overall popularity of diamonds that these gemstones became more popular throughout the world.

Understanding the Exquisite Coloured Diamond

It should be known that there are two types of coloured diamonds.

The first type is the treated-coloured diamonds which are created in the lab. They are real diamonds; however, their colour is added artificially. On the other hand, natural diamonds are mined from the source.

The best way to tell these types apart is by focusing on the colour saturation. A natural coloured diamond is more uniform in colour than an artificial diamond.

The Varying Range of Coloured Diamonds

The value of GIA certified coloured diamonds is ranged by their saturation level. The deeper the hue, the more valuable it will be. The range goes from light to most saturate thusly:

  • Very Light
  • Light
  • Fancy light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy dark
  • Fancy intense
  • Fancy vivid
  • Fancy Deep

This rating system as stated by GIA allows us to examine the diamond by focusing on rarity and value. So for example, if we were to determine the value of the Hope Diamond, it would be graded as a Fancy Deep in blue grey, according to the GIA scale.

Buying Coloured Diamonds

Educated consumers should always seek their coloured diamonds through expert houses that offer quality high end jewellery.

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